EBS: Troubleshooting the Email to SMS Delivery Path in Everbridge Suite


Troubleshooting the email to SMS delivery path in Everbridge Suite.

Questions answered:

  • How can I troubleshoot issues related to delivering email messages along the text (SMS) delivery path?
  • How should a device address be formatted for an email-to-text message?
  • What delivery method should be used for an email-to-text message?


Issues with delivering email messages to text can be addressed in two ways: checking the format of the device address that is receiving the email, and the provider's support for the channel. See each respective section for further information.

Device Address Format

The device address for text paths is an email address, e.g. 8185555555@vtext.com. You can verify the proper format for mobile devices by provider in the following document: http://www.notepage.net/smtp.htm.

Delivery Method Format

The "Plain Text Email - 2 Way" delivery method should be enabled in your organization's delivery methods settings.

Provider Support

There is no guarantee that a mobile phone provider will support an email to text delivery path. If you have verified that the proper format is being utilized and your messages are not being delivered, please contact Everbridge Technical Support and provide the provider name for which messages are not being delivered.

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