Mobile: Troubleshooting Issues With the Concur Connector in Safety Connection


Troubleshooting issues with the Concur Connector in Safety Connection.


    There are several problems that can occur when using the Concur connector with the Everbridge Safety Connection application. Some examples include:

    • Authentication errors when attempting to pull data.
    • Contacts' travel data does not synch.
    • Contacts' information may not get updated.

    To view the Concur connector configuration for an Organization, look under Settings > Organization > Map > Location Data Sources > Other Source.

    If there is a configured connection, there will be a valid entry including the Source, Base URL, and Refresh Time and the option to view a Refresh Log. You are also provided the option to Edit the configuration where the following information can be seen:

    User-added image

    This is where information can be entered for the system to pull data from Concur and update Contact travel itineraries.

    If the information is entered incorrectly, or if the credentials have expired, or the API key is not valid; authentication errors will occur when attempting to pull data.

    When Contact information and/or travel itineraries are not syncing in Everbridge, then the information returned is whatever information the Concur API is able to pull and reference using Contacts' Badge IDs.

    User-added image

    Below are some reasons for why Contact information and/or travel itineraries may not be in synch:

    • The connector runs continuously based on the Refresh Time interval set in the configuration, defaulting to 10 minutes. To avoid timeout and performance issues, the connector only loads five days of data each time it is run. After the initial configuration of the connector, travel data in Everbridge will only be up-to-date once the connector has run at least 73 times (roughly 13 hours).
    • Contacts are expected to exist in Everbridge when loading itinerary data. If Contacts do not exist, corresponding itinerary data is discarded.
    • Only ticketed or confirmed itineraries update the Contact expected locations.
    • If an itinerary has been updated in between two or more connector runs, the Contact expected location(s) will be accordingly updated.
    • If an itinerary has been cancelled or deleted, the corresponding Contact expected location(s) that have been previously created will be deleted.
    • New Contacts created after the connector has been set up and successfully run will only get their recent itineraries loaded in Everbridge Suite. In this case scenario, the connector does not reload the 12 months of historical itinerary data for these contacts.
    • All expected location records are automatically purged if more than one year old. If a connector is deleted or no longer able to connect to the third-party product, all existing location data generated by the connector will be kept in Everbridge. It will be purged if older than 12 months.
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