EBS: SMS Message Send and Reply Options in Everbridge Suite


SMS message send and reply options in Everbridge Suite.

Questions answered:

  • What other delivery methods can be used if contacts are not receiving SMS messages?
  • How can a contact reply to a SMS message if the sender code is scrambled or missing?


SMS Delivery Options

If SMS messages are not being delivered consistently or at all to certain contacts when using the SMS delivery path, the section below describes alternative delivery methods that can reach them:

Everbridge Mobile App

Notifications can be sent to contacts using the Everbridge Mobile app. Contacts must have the app installed on their mobile device, and must have Internet connectivity (3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi) in order to receive and respond to notifications.

Plain Text Email - 2 Way Delivery Method

The Plain Text Email - 2 Way delivery method can be used to send a SMS message using email. A contact's mobile phone number is formatted as an email address, and notifications using this delivery method will send an email message as a SMS message.

For information on how to format mobile phone numbers when using the Plain Text Email - 2 Way delivery method, please see the following article: Troubleshooting the Email to SMS Delivery Path.

SMS Reply Options

If contacts are receiving SMS messages, but are unable to text their confirmation due to a scrambled or missing sender code, the section below describes workarounds for confirmation:

Including a Short URL in SMS Messages

Recipients can click the URL in the SMS message footer to confirm receipt of the message. The URL will open in a browser on the mobile device to acknowledge the confirmation of receipt. The following article describes how to enable the short URL: Enabling SMS Short URL.

Replying to a Country's Sender Code

Instead of replying to a scrambled or missing code, contacts can reply to the sender code for their country. The following article describes how to confirm SMS messages using this method: Confirming SMS Messages from Altered SMS Codes.

One Way SMS Delivery Method

Notifications can be sent to contacts using the One Way SMS delivery method (also referred to as "SMS call-back"). When a contact receives a notification using the One Way SMS delivery method, a call-back number and a PIN will be supplied as part of the message. Instead of texting their confirmation, the contact will dial the call-back number and enter the PIN to register their confirmation.

Everbridge Mobile App

Notifications can not only be sent to the Everbridge Mobile app, but can also be confirmed from the app. Using the Everbridge Mobile app for sending and confirming notifications alleviates the problems encountered if contacts are receiving SMS notifications from scrambled sender codes.

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