EBS: Enabling Password Policies in Everbridge Suite



Password Policy Definitions and How to Enable Password Policies in Everbridge Suite.


There are two types of password policies in Everbridge

  • The Regular Password Policy
  • The Stricter Password Policy

This article defines the requirements for each policy and provides a screenshot example of how to enable either policy.

To configure a Password Policy:

  1. Log in to the Everbridge Manager Portal 
  2. Select Settings > Security > Password Policy  

Regular Password Policy


For information on configuring password expiration please see knowledge base article EBS: How to Configure Password Expiration in Everbridge Suite.

Stricter Password Policy

The Stricter Password Policy is an advanced feature enabled by Everbridge. To have this feature enabled, please contact an Everbridge Account Manager.

Note: By enabling the Stricter Password Policy both the password requirements and the additional password settings change.


Summary of Policy Differences


Regular Password Policy

Stricter Password Policy


8+ characters

One character from three different groups

12+ characters

One character from four different groups

Account Lockout Lock account after 5 failed attempts Lock account after 3 failed attempts
Re-use Cannot be same as previous 3 passwords Cannot be same as previous 24 passwords
Expiration Options: 30, 60, and 180 days Options: 30, 60, and 180 days
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