EBS: OnGuard Connector for OpenAccess


OnGuard Connector for OpenAccess

This version of the Everbridge OnGuard Connector was written using the OpenAccess REST API, which will make the Connector easier to configure and improve the stability of the integration.

It is certified for OnGuard 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2

Use Cases

  • Updates Last Known Locations of Everbridge Contacts based on badging activity.
  • Ability to launch Incidents and Scenarios based on configurable rules for OnGuard alarms.

Required Licenses

Previous versions of the Connector required a DataconduIT license from LenelS2. The DataconduIT license will no longer be needed. You will need to order 2 SKUs from LenelS2 for the integration to work:

  1. A new OpenAccess Everbridge SKU (IPC-311-EVRBG01)
  2. A corresponding system size SKU. The cost of system size SKU will depend on the customer's reader size.

OnGuard Connector Resources

Click to download the following resources:

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