EBS: Everbridge Suite Recognizes and Avoids Sending Notifications to Duplicate Delivery Methods 'Not Delivered - Duplicate Path'


Why does the call result Not Delivered - Duplicate Path under delivery details mean?

What happens if multiple contacts use the same delivery method value?


When a delivery method value is in multiple delivery methods of the same type (whether in one contact or multiple), Everbridge Mass Notification (MN) will attempt it once and then recognize all others as duplicates.

De-duplication of Home Phone

For example, Marie and Fenton have separate contact records but share the same Home Phone.

In this case, Fenton receives the notification on the Home Phone, but the Call Result for Marie shows that Home Phone is Not Delivered - Duplicate Path.

Confirmed Delivery

In another notification, Fenton confirmed receipt on his Cell Phone preventing all of his other delivery methods from being attempted. Marie then receives it the notification on all delivery of her methods, including Home Phone.

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