EBS: Mass Notification Operator - Everbridge Quick Start Guide


Mass Notification Operator - Everbridge Quick Start Guide.


Mass Notification Operators are assigned Notification templates which are already fully configured.They already contain the Message,Contacts and Settings. Upon login, you see the templates that have been assigned to this operator role. You can select a template with the check box, and click Send.

Select the template and click Send

When sending the template, you will have the option to include it in an event, or to send as a single notification. A notification event allows administrators to group the notifications in reporting.

Select if this should be part of an event

After sending the notification, an operator can refresh the page to see updated results, stop the broadcast, click on the number it was sent to for a report, or click on the title to see the details.

User-added image

Clicking on the message title you can access the details of what was sent, who it was sent to, and the settings used. Here you can download the details of this notification. Results and reports will not contain personal contact details.

Notification details


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