EBS: How to Upload Contacts From Workday Into an Everbridge Organization


How to upload contacts from Workday into an Everbridge Organization.


The Workday human resources platform generates its own key for file transfer. Organization Administrators can use the public key formats outlined in knowledge base article EBS: Supported Public Key Formats for Connecting to Everbridge Suite via SFTP .

Up to ten different keys can be configured for an Organization.

The following methods can also be used for transferring contact information into an organization from Workday:

Contact Integration

The Contact Integration feature allows Organizations to automatically sync their contacts with data from their company's HR software. For more information on the Everbridge Contact Integration feature, please see knowledge base article EBS: Contact Integration.

Workday & Everbridge API

The Everbridge Application Programming Interface (API) can be used within Workday. Make the appropriate API call from Workday whenever a contact record is added, changed, or deleted.

SFTP Server

A Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server can be used to receive a contact information file from Workday. Scripts can then be created to send the file to Everbridge. Several commercial and open-source SFTP server applications can be used for this purpose, such as FileZilla (https://filezilla-project.org/).

The contact information file received from Workday must follow the same required file specifications as any contact upload file. To generate a contact upload file template for Workday, log into the manager portal for the Organization and go to Contacts + Assets > Contacts > Uploads > Download Template.


A Java application can be used to send the contact information file over SFTP.

Everbridge API & cURL

The Everbridge API can be used in conjunction with a cURL-based program (https://curl.haxx.se/) to upload the contact information file.

Custom File Upload

A file uploading program can be created using a programming language that supports a REST (Representational State Transfer) API. Languages that can be used include the following:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • .NET/C#
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Javascript

Once a method has been determined, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Schedule a process which creates the contact information file from Workday
    1. Ensure that this file is saved to an accessible network location.
  2. Install and test the workaround
  3. Schedule the method to regularly send the contact information file to Everbridge
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