EBS: How to Use a Geo-Fence to Control Registering Contacts Outside of an Everbridge Organization’s Jurisdiction


How to use a geo-fence to control registering contacts outside of an Everbridge organization's jurisdiction.


A geo-fence can be enabled in the member portal so that only contacts in the geofence can register to receive alerts from the organization. 

The geo-fence can be temporarily or permanently disabled at any time. When the geo-fence is disabled, the application will not compare any new addresses or changes to existing member addresses to the geo-fence.


Existing member addresses will not be affected if the geo-fence is removed or changed.
Any changes made to the geo-fence will only affect addresses entered or edited after the new geofence has been saved.

To enable a geo-fence first, a shape will need to be loaded or created with the geo-fence. To create or load the shape, visit Can shapes drawn on the Universe map be saved in Everbridge Suite? or Can shape files acquired from other sources be used in Everbridge Suite?.

Follow the steps below to set up the geo-fence in the organization's member portal:

2. Under the Settings tab, click on Member Portal.
3. Select Information Collection on the left-hand menu.
4. Click on Locations from the drop-down menu.
5. Select the check box "Use a Geo-Fence to control addresses" to use your geo-fence.
NOTE: The location must be 'Exposed' and 'Editable' in the member portal for the Geo-Fence to be active.
6. Click the Edit Geo-Fence hyperlink .
7. Select the shape name for the geo-fence. 
8. If contacts outside of the shape can register, check the box "Add addresses even if outside of fence".
9.Click Save.
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