EBS: Removing Everbridge Break Glass Credentials From Users Who Log in to the Manager Portal via Single Sign-On (SSO)


How to remove Everbridge Break Glass credentials from users who log in to the Manager Portal via Single Sign-On.


Everbridge Break Glass credentials can be removed from users while still allowing them to log in to the Manager Portal via Single Sign-On.

NOTE: By removing user Everbridge Break Glass credentials, users will not be able to access the Manager Portal during an outage. They will also be unable to launch notifications through the Emergency Live Operator (ELO) procedure. 

Removing Everbridge Break Glass credentials affects all users in an account. If it is desired to have a few users keep their Everbridge Break Glass credentials, contact Everbridge Support.

Only Account Administrators can remove Everbridge break glass credentials.

  1. Log in to the Everbridge Manager Portal as an Account Administrator
  2. Select Users
  3. Click on the Advanced search link and select Registered from the drop-down menu
  4. From the Condition drop-down menu, select true
  5. Select the Search button
  6. Select Download. (Do not select any check boxes next to the users' names)
  7. Open and save the Excel file somewhere easy to locate
  8. For all the users appearing in the search, select the check box next to their names and select Delete.
    1. Optionally, scroll to the bottom of the page and increase the number of users that display per page from the drop-down menu. This helps deleting more users at a time.
  9. Under the Users tab, select Uploads
  10. Select Upload to Portal
  11. Select Upload Users, then locate and select the saved Excel file of users
  12. Select Upload to Portal

Once the upload is complete, all users will only be able to log in to the Manager Portal via Single Sign-On.

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