EBS: How to Create an Incident Template for Use With Incident Communications


How to create an incident template for use with Incident Communications.


Incident Templates are set-up to take advantage of easy drop-down and fill-in choices and use dynamic guidelines to pre-populate aspects of the message ahead of time. The steps below review creating one at a high level.

  1. Login to the Everbridge Manager Portal.
  2. Click "Incidents."
  3. Choose "Templates" from the drop-down.
  4. Click "New Incident Template."
  5. Fill and make selections for the following areas:
    • Header - This is where the template is named, set live, given a Template ID and a Category.
    • Form and Message - This is where the variables that need to be included in the template are selected and the Outgoing Message is edited.
    • Publishing Options - This are the options for publishing the incident to additional outlets.
    • Contacts - This is where contacts, groups, and/or rules are chosen to receive the incident.
    • Settings - This is where the delivery settings for the incident notification are controlled.
    • Permissions - This is where the functionality available to the incident operator is decided
  6. Click Save.

The Incident Template has been created.

Related Training

LogoV3 For more information, go to the "Creating an Incident Template" course in the Incident Communications Administrator Certification curriculum located in Everbridge University.
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