EBS: How to Unblock SMS Short Codes in Everbridge Suite


How to Unblock SMS Short Codes in Everbridge Suite.


Everbridge sends SMS notifications from a local number depending on the destination country, and sometimes the local number is a "short code". A short code is a special phone number that makes it easier to send and receive messages, but short codes can be blocked on the recipient's end by their mobile phone service provider. For a list of SMS numbers used by Everbridge, please see knowledge base article Global SMS Codes.

Carriers may block short codes which prevent the notification from being delivered. Recipients can contact their mobile service carrier and have them unblock the short code. If a recipient does not wish to unblock short codes, send them SMS notifications via the delivery method Plain text Email - 2 Way which uses the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). For more information about SMTP, contact a mobile carrier or visit: http://www.emailtextmessages.com/.

For additional information on undelivered SMS Notifications, please see knowledge base article EBS: Troubleshooting SMS Message Issues in Everbridge Suite.

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