EBS: How to Grant Member Portal Access to a Contact That Does Not Have an Email Address in Everbridge Suite


How to grant Member portal access to a Contact that does not have an email address.


  • This article only applies to "private" Member Portals where access is controlled with a username and password.
  • Like many web services, the Everbridge Member Portal uses email to manage user accounts during registration and any time a password needs to be reset. It is highly recommended to use email for managing access to the Member Portal, and there are countless free email services (such as gmail.com) that your contacts can sign up for quickly and easily. If you must grant access without using their email address, these steps provide a workaround using your email address.
Member Portal Signup
  1. From the Manager Portal Contacts tab, choose the Add Contact button to create a record for your contact, or choose the Update button to edit an existing contact.
  2. From the Delivery Methods section, add an email delivery method and set the Device address value to your own email address for now, then choose the Save button.
  3. Choose the Send Registration Email button next to your contact, then check your email client for the "Member Portal Registration Invitation" email.
  4. Click on the link to access the Member Portal Signup page.
  5. Enter the initial signup information for your contact:
    1. Create a Username for them (such as first.lastname).
    2. Create a Password for them, then re-enter it into the Confirm Password field. Nobody should know the password except your contact, so instruct them to change their password right away!
    3. You can leave the First Name and Last Name values as is if desired.
    4. Select a Security Question and Answer for your contact. Nobody should know the security answer either, so instruct them to change these values right away!
    5. Leave the Registration Email set to your address for now.
    6. Choose the Terms of Use link and print or save these terms for your contact. You must provide these to your contact and notify them that they are bound by these terms with using the Everbridge Member Portal.
    7. Choose the Create Your Account button to continue.
  6. Your contact is now registered for your organization's Member Portal. You can provide them with the URL to your Member Portal, along with their user name and password. Make sure you instruct them to change their security information and understand the terms as outlined in the steps above.
  7. From the Manager Portal Contacts tab, you can edit your contact record once again to remove the email delivery method containing your email address.
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