EBS: How to Download an Organization’s SSH Key for Configuring SFTP to Everbridge Suite


How to download an organization's SSH key for SFTP. This SSH key is used to configure the connection between your SFTP client and Everbridge Suite, in order to transfer a CSV upload file. 


To download an organization's SSH key for SFTP, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal and select your organization
  2. Select the Settings > Organization > Contacts/Assets > Upload Options
  3. Under Secure FTP, click the Download button. This will download the SSH key, which is used for the connection. Everbridge SSH keys do not expire.

If you need to download the PGP key to encrypt your CSV upload file, please see knowledge base article EBS: How to Generate a File Encryption Key for Contact and/or Asset SFTP Uploads.
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