EBS: How to Extract a KML File Type From a KMZ (Zip) File Type for Importing a Region Into the Shape Library in Everbridge


How to extract a KML file type from a KMZ (zip) file type for importing a region into a shape library in Everbridge.


A KMZ file is a zip file that contains a KML file and one or more supporting files. In order to import a region into the shape library, the KML file needs to be extracted from the KMZ file. Follow the steps below to extract the KML file from the KMZ file.

  1. Download the KMZ file from NOAA.
  2. Modify the file extension from KMZ to ZIP.
  3. Right click and select extract. This will extract a file of type KML.
  4. Once extracted, the KML file can be uploaded to the Everbridge platform.

For more information on file requirements for importing regions into the Everbridge Suite shape library, see Knowledge Base Article 000051253 - What are the File Requirements to Import a Region into the Shape Library?


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