Mobile: How to Block/Opt Out of Receiving Notifications From Everbridge Suite on Android & iOS Devices




How to block/opt out of receiving Notifications from Everbridge on Android & iOS Devices.


It is always best to work with the organization that is sending the notifications to manage your contact information. This way, you can control what contact methods are kept on file and what types of notifications you will receive.

If you are unable to reach the organization that is initiating the undesired messages or if you are otherwise unable to get the messages to stop, you can still configure your personal device to block messages that are being routed through Everbridge. This should only be used as a last resort, as it provides users with less flexibility and can result it preventing desired critical communications from reaching you.


Use extra caution when considering the methods below on shared or company-owned devices. Blocking Everbridge messages from one organization on your device will prevent messages from ANY organization that uses Everbridge for critical communications. This may not be desirable for you or for others sharing the device.

Blocking Calls & Messages on Android

The steps taken to prevent your device from receiving or notifying you of incoming notifications will vary based on the version of Android used, your device model, and the apps you have installed. The steps shown below are for the default Android apps on the current Android OS version (5.0), but similar options should be available for other Android devices.

Edit contactTo block phone calls using Contacts:

  1. Open the Contacts app on your Android device, then open the contact containing the organization's Everbridge number you wish to block.
    1. If you do not have a contact created with this information, you can go to your call history, select the number that was used to deliver the voice message (e.g., 888-667-4911), then create a new contact.
  2. Choose the edit icon to open the Edit contact page.
  3. Choose the three-dot menu icon, then choose All calls to voicemail.
  4. You will no longer receive phone calls from this number (although you may still receive voice mail messages as these are controlled by your carrier or voice mail provider). To unblock this number from your Contacts app, repeat the steps above and uncheck the option to send "all calls to voicemail".

BlockTo block SMS messages using Hangouts:

  1. Open the Hangouts app on your Android device, then open an Everbridge message send from the organization you wish to block.
  2. Choose the three-dot menu icon, then choose People & options.
  3. Choose the option to Block 89361 (or the number or contact name desired), then choose BLOCK to confirm.
  4. You will no longer receive messages from this number. To unblock this number from your Hangouts app, start a new text message to the number that was blocked (e.g., 89361), then choose the option to UNBLOCK when prompted.

Blocking Calls & Messages on iOS

You can add someone to your blocked list from the Phone, FaceTime, Contacts, or Messages app (taken from

  1. Tap the Info icon next to the contact or phone number that you want to block. If you're in Messages, open the conversation and tap Details, then tap the Info icon.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Info screen and tap Block this Caller.
  3. Tap Block Contact.

BlockedTo view or edit your blocked list:

You can see the contacts and phone numbers that you've blocked in Settings under PhoneFaceTime, or Messages:

  1. Settings > Phone > Blocked
  2. Settings > FaceTime > Blocked
  3. Settings > Messages > Blocked
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