EBS: How Many Expected (Dynamic) Locations Can a Contact Have in Their Record at One Time in Everbridge Suite?


Is there a limit to how many Expected (Dynamic) Locations a Contact can have in their Contact record at one time?


There is no limit to the number of Expected (Dynamic) Locations that can be added to a Contact at one time.

Dynamic or Expected Locations are defined in the Contact record under Contacts > Contact List > {name of Contact} > Edit > Dynamic Location(s) - Expected. The Dynamic Location(s) section of the Contact record allows you to define Dynamic Locations for each Contact. These locations can be used to include the Contact in a notification sent using map addresses. Expected Locations are added to a Contact's record by clicking on the New expected location link.

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Expected locations for Contacts can also be updated via the Upload Dynamic Locations sub-tab under the Contacts tab by uploading a CSV file with the location name, date range, country, and address. The latitude and longitude of a location can also be used.

NOTE: Expected Locations are kept up to 12 months in the past and 12 months into the future.

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