EBS: How a User With Single Sign-On (SSO) Credentials Can Launch a Notification Using the Emergency Live Operator (ELO) Procedure


How a user with Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials can launch a notification using the Emergency Live Operator (ELO) procedure.


The Emergency Live Operator procedure requires the hint question to be answered correctly in order to grant access to send a notification. Utilizing SSO does not include setting up a hint question.

SSO users can use the Emergency Live Operator procedure by creating what is known as a Break Glass account. See Knowledge Base Article 000059297 - SSO Break Glass Access for more information on Break Glass accounts. An organization administrator can add the desired amount of Break Glass users to the organization that would have the ability to use the emergency live operator procedure.

More information regarding the emergency live operator can be found in the following Knowledge Base Article: 000001406 - How to Initiate a Notification, Incident or Scenario via Emergency Live Operator.

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