Mobile: How to Sign Up for Alerts Using the Everbridge Mobile App


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How to sign up for alerts using the Everbridge Mobile App.


Download and open the Everbridge Mobile App (Android or iOS). Then tap Allow so Everbridge can send you notifications (alerts, sounds, and icon badges that can be configured in Settings).

There are two ways to sign up for alerts using the Everbridge Mobile App:

  • Find an organization or subscription
  • Use the Map

    To find an organization or subscription

    1. Tap Find an organization or subscription.
    2. Tap the Search field and enter at least three characters to find your employer, university, ZIP code, or place of residence.
    3. Tap the desired organization or subscription.
    4. If needed, fill in the Sign Up page, including reading the Terms of Use.
    5. Tap Done.

    To use the Map

    1. Click Explore the Map.
    2. Click Allow to your location is shared for public alerts.
    3. Tap one of the following:
    • Allow while using app
    • Allow once
    • Don't allow
    1. Enter an address in the Search field.
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