EBS: How to Enable Access to Contacts for Manager Portal Users in Everbridge Suite


How do I determine which groups or contacts can be accessed by my Manager Portal users?

How can I grant access to all of my organization's contacts for users with a role of "dispatcher" or "group manager"?



Access to role management depends on your user role. If you are unable to access role management, contact your organization's administrator.

Enabling Group Access

The "dispatcher" role will have access to all contacts and groups within your organization by default, until any specific groups are assigned. Once a single group is assigned to a dispatcher, users with that role will only have access to the groups (and contacts within those groups) specifically assigned.

The "group manager" role will only have access to contacts based on the groups assigned. Follow the steps below to determine which contacts can be selected by your dispatchers or group managers:

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal as an organization administrator with the access tab, or an account administrator.
    1. User management features are only available to users with a role of "Account Administrator" by default, but you can grant access to your organization administrators as well by following these steps: Enabling the Access Tab for Organization Administrators.
  2. As an org admin:
    1. Choose the Access tab from the top of the page.
    2. Choose the Roles sub-tab, then select the desired Role Type.
  3. As an account admin:
    1. Choose the Roles tab from the top of the page, then select the desired Role Type.
Add Dynamic Group
  1. Optional: grant access to all current and future contacts within your org by following the steps below.
    1. Under the Resources tab to the right, choose the Manage link to the right of Dynamic Group.
    2. From the Dynamic Groups popup, choose the Add button.
    3. Set the desired Name for the dynamic group.
    4. Next to Add Filter Search, choose the Select Field drop-down menu and select Created On.
    5. Set the Condition drop-down menu to is after, and use the Calendar icon to set the Value to a date before any of your contacts were created within MN.
    6. Choose the Save button, then the OK button to continue.
  2. Under the Resources tab to the right, select the Groups and Dynamic Groups accessible to this role.
  3. Choose the Save button to save your changes to the role.
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