EBS: Emails Not Being Received From Everbridge Suite When Custom From Email Address Is Configured



Emails from your account or organization (including notifications and password-reset emails) are not being received by users or contacts, and bounce-back emails from notification recipients are not being received.

Root Cause:

If your account or organization has a Custom From Email Address, either "everbridge.net" or "everbridge.eu" may not be authorized to send emails in your domain name server's (DNS) sender policy framework (SPF) record. An SPF record is a list of all the domains and IP addresses that are permitted to send emails on behalf of your domain.


If you already have a Custom From Email Address enabled, please take the following steps.

  1. Identify/provision the full email address(es) you want to provide to Everbridge as your custom Custom From Email Address (e.g., noreply@alerts.yourdomain.com). The email address must be a valid email inbox.
  2. Modify the DNS SPF record to authorize either everbridge.net or everbridge.eu to send e-mails with your domain in the Custom From Email AddressThis step cannot be omitted. An SPF record that includes one of these is absolutely required.
Please note that configuring a DNS SPF record is specific to everbridge.net and everbridge.eu. Do not configure an SPF record for everbridge.com.

Using a subdomain such as "alerts.yourdomain.com" will prevent the need for you to grant one of these mail domains SPF permission for your entire domain.

The example below demonstrates one possible way to modify a DNS SPF record, but might not be the best for all use cases. Everbridge recommends any network configurations be evaluated by your network operations team in order to determine the most effective modification.

Example: "v=spf1 include:everbridge.net -all"

Please see Knowledge Base Article 000004327 - Custom E-Mail Notification Sender Information for more information.


You can ask to have your Custom From Email Address temporarily disabled so that recipients receive emails in the meantime. Please attach this article to your request.

Be sure to authorize "everbridge.net" in your DNS SPF before re-establishing your Custom From address.

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