EBS: Do All Users Receive an Email When Contacts Are Uploaded to an Organization in Everbridge Suite?


Do all users receive an email when contacts are uploaded to an organization?


No. Everbridge automatically sends an email to organization administrators when contact uploads are completed using Secure FTP. When contact uploads are completed from the Manager Portal, emails are only sent to the user performing the upload.

These emails can not be turned off; if desired, an email filtering rule can be used so they are not received in an inbox. 
Here is an example of how to turn off email filtering for Microsoft Outlook. If using a different email provider, please follow their instructions on email filtering:  

  1. Right-click on an email they have received for an upload
  2. Select Rules from the drop-down and Create Rule.
  3. From the dialog box check Subject contains Everbridge Notification - Processed Contact Data File.
  4. Select the check box move the item to folder and click Select Folder.
  5. A new dialog box appears, select Deleted Items, and hit OK.

When creating the filtering rule, it is recommended to filter on the subject of the email (i.e. "Everbridge Notification - Received Contact Data File"), and not of the sender email address.

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