EBS: CSV Template Design Considerations and Formatting Requirements for Contact Uploads in Everbridge Suite


CSV Template design considerations and formatting requirements for contact uploads in Everbridge Suite.


A CSV file is used to upload Contacts into Everbridge CEM Suite. A CSV template may be downloaded from the Manager Portal. For information on how to download a CSV template for your Contact Uploads, please see Knowledge Base Article 000002683 - How to Download a CSV Template That Can Be Used for Uploading Contacts into Everbridge Suite. You may also use your own spreadsheet, however the column headings must be the same as they are in the CSV template.

For a full description of CSV template design considerations and formatting requirements, please see Knowledge Base Article 000034644 - Contact Upload User Guide. Attached to that same article is a Contact Upload Data table (formerly referred to as the Data Dictionary) which describes each Column Heading in detail (name, if required, data type, limitations, and UPDATE and REPLACE results.)

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