EBS: Contact Unable to Log In With Error Message 'This contact has already been linked to a User record' in Everbridge Suite


A contact is unable to register for the Member Portal and receives the following error message:

This contact has already been linked to a User record. Please use the User's log-in credentials to access the Everbridge portals.

Root Cause:

This error message appears when the username and password being entered belong to a contact record that is linked to a user record. Linking a contact to a user enables that user to log in to the Manager Portal, Member Portal, ManageBridge App, Everbridge Mobile App, and other Everbridge services using only their user login credentials.

When a contact and a user are linked, the user's username and password replace the contact's username and password, so only the user's credentials can be used to log in.


Rather than register as a new contact (or log in using a contact's credentials), the user should log in using their Manager Portal username and password.

Alternatively, the user can be un-linked from the contact, which will restore the contact's former username and password. The contact can then log in using their former credentials.

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