EBS: Contact Upload Error Code: 'Phone number is not formatted correctly for specified country'


Contact Record Status:

Loaded with error

Error Message:

     Phone number is not formatted correctly for specified country: {Phone Path}: {Invalid Phone Number}

NOTE: Contact Upload file failure error messages may be viewed under Contacts >  Uploads User-added image. Clicking on the User-added image icon next to the desired upload file brings you to the Upload Results page where the error is displayed.

Root Cause:

This error occurs when a phone number provided in the CSV upload file does not meet country-specific formatting rules. Phone numbers provided in an upload file are validated against formatting and rules specific to the country given for the phone number, and any invalid numbers will cause an error. This allows the uploader to make sure they do not have any phone numbers missing data or have the wrong country specified. 

The {Phone Path} portion of the error message will indicate which phone contact path has the invalid phone number for the given contact. The {Invalid Phone Number} portion of the error message will provide the phone number that did not pass validation. 


Review the phone numbers that caused the errors and verify they don't have any missing digits or incorrect digits. If the phone numbers are correct, please insure they are listed with the proper country. The solution is best illustrated with some example phone numbers.


Phone Number Format UI Error

Above we have three phone numbers with the same error. The file uploaded to produce these errors is below. 

Invalid Phone Number CSV
  • Jane's phone number 111-111-1111 is not a valid phone number for the United States. This is bad phone data and a valid phone number would need to be provided, or the invalid number would need to be removed from the CSV upload file. 
  • Steve's phone number 818-230-979 looks at a glance to be a valid US phone number, but it is missing the last digit. This makes the phone number only 9 digits long and is not a valid phone number for the United States. It is possible that there was a mistake during the creation of the CSV upload file. The missing digit to Steve's phone number must be added to prevent the error. 
  • John's phone number 23 50 16 00 is clearly not a valid US phone number because it is only 8 digits. In this instance, this is a Norwegian phone number that has been incorrectly given US as the country. The value for Phone Country 1 should be NO.

Below is what the CSV upload file would look like with the above issues fixed.

CSV file with phone numbers fixed

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