EBS: Conditions That Can Be Used to Trigger a Weather or Customized Alert


Conditions that can be used to trigger a weather or customized alert.


From the Settings tab, click the Interactive Visibility, Weather and Hazard Alerts option to configure new and existing weather alerts. Alerts can be sent for the following conditions:

  • New: new issuance
  • Continued: no change to start/end times (just new text)
  • Upgraded: existing warning cancelled in favor of a higher priority message
  • Correction: correction to text only
  • Extension in Time: existing warning extended to cover a new time period (modified start and/or end date/time)
  • Extension in Area: existing warning extended to cover a new area
  • Extension in Both: existing warning extended to cover a new area and with a modified start and/or end date/time
  • Canceled: event no longer in effect
  • Expired: existing warning no longer in effect (message sent after the product end date/time)
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