EBS: Can I Cut and Paste Text From an HTML Document (Such as MS Word, Powerpoint, or a Web Page) Into the Body of a Notification in Everbridge Suite?


Can I cut and paste text from an HTML document (such as MS Word, PowerPoint, or a web page) into the body of a notification in Everbridge Suite?


Avoid cutting and pasting from HTML documents into the body of a notification (or the email header and footer), as doing so can cause the following undesired effects:

  • Text message notifications broken into multiple messages and delivered out of sequence
  • Email notifications to be received with incorrect font sizes or styles

It's a best practice to type your message directly into the body of the notification; if it's preferred to paste content into your notifications, it is recommended to first paste the content into a text editor (such as Notepad) and remove extraneous HTML characters.

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