EBS: Contact Uploads Do Not Start or Notifications Cannot Be Created or Added to or File Attachments Fail in Everbridge Suite


One or more of the following symptoms occur when uploading contacts and/or sending notifications:

  • Contact Upload is not starting
  • Cannot create a notification
  • Cannot add elements to a notification
  • Cannot attach a file to a notification
  • Contact Upload or attachment is failing in Firefox

Root Cause:

Occasionally, on certain browsers, Contact Uploads will appear to initiate, but no Contacts will upload; similarly, files will appear to attach to a notification, but Contacts will receive the notification without the file. 


If you can not complete a Contact Upload, attach a file, or if elements are not loading (such as being unable to select a group for a notification), you can attempt either of the following solutions:

If you have attempted both solutions and are unable to complete the task, please contact Everbridge Technical Support.

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