Mobile: How to Override the Mute (Silent Switch) and “Do Not Disturb” Settings on Apple iOS Mobile Devices that have the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) Installed


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This article explains how life-safety messages via the Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) can override mute and the "Do Not Disturb" mode on Apple iOS mobile devices.


To override the mute and "Do Not Disturb" settings on Apple IOS mobile devices the following requirements must be met:

  • The Everbridge Mobile App (EMA) must be installed on the Apple mobile device
  • The message must be flagged as "Imminent Threat to Life" and configured to be sent via the Mobile App
  • The mobile app must have permission to send critical alerts

Message must be flagged "Imminent Threat to Life"

When a message is flagged as "Imminent Threat to Life" and delivered as a Mobile App notification on an Apple iOS devices, the push notification and sound will override mute and the "Do not Disturb" mode.

Caution: Do not check "Imminent Threat to Life" unless the message concerns life safety. For more information, please see article 000048147 - What is an Imminent Threat to Life notification and when do I use it?

The EMA must have Critical Alerts permission on the iOS device

The EMA will solicit permission to override the device "Do not Disturb" mode when you first open the app. Tap Allow to grant the EMA permission to send critical alerts.

If the dialog is not available, permission to override mute and "Do not Disturb" can be granted to the EMA in the device settings.

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