EBS: TTY Device Best Practices in Everbridge Suite

You can send a notification to a recipient who relies on a TTY device in the same way you send a notification to contacts who prefer to receive your notifications on other paths such as email, phone or text messages. In fact, you can include your TTY recipients in the same notification as your other contacts.

However, there are limitations to sending messages to TTY devices.

  • You can use only "standard" message type (do no use "polling" or "conference" message types)
  • Does not support the Organization Security PIN feature
  • Content of the message must be plain text (no rich text such as bold text, text colors, italics, etc.)
  • Content of text must be in English
  • Messages can only be sent to TTY devices in the United States and Canada (phone number must be United States or Canada)
  • Attachments included in your notification will not be sent to the TTY device.
  • If you request the message recipient confirm receipt of the message, then they must request the assistance of the relay operator to submit the confirmation.
  • TTY protocol does not support extensions and cannot navigate an auto-attendant menu, so don't use the Extension field if you use the Extension Phone delivery method for your TTY contacts.
  • Custom Caller ID is not supported, and TTY recipients see a Caller ID that identifies the TTY gateway.

IF you request TTY recipients confirm receipt of a notification, then Everbridge will inset the following at the very end of your notification when deliering the message to the TTY device: "Please use CA to call <<toll-free number>> Enter Message ID <<message ID>> to Confirm Receipt of Message SKSK."

There is no limit to the number of characters in the message you can send to a TTY device. However, the TTY protocol will only accept the following characters:


Character Description


Character Description


English Alphabet Characters


Right Parenthesis




Left Parenthesis




Forward Slash


Question Mark






Exclamation Symbol


Dollar Symbol



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