EBS: Everbridge SmartPath: Unique Intelligent Delivery


Everbridge SmartPath: Unique Intelligent Delivery

Everbridge SmartPath is a suite of features to ensure the reliable delivery of your messages. This includes the structuring of messages to optimize throughput in all communication channels, evaluating channel message delivery and message failure history, intelligent routing of messages to avoid potential delays or failure of delivery of messages, and recommending optimization of your message credit allowance.

Everbridge will continue to enhance the capabilities of SmartPath to serve your notification needs. As enhancements are made to SmartPath, we will update this document to ensure you can find the most up-to-date information in this article. The long-term vision for SmartPath is to use recent messaging history for a delivery path or channel to determine how quickly to get the message to each of your contacts. For example, you may be sending a message via phone paths to a region where our application has determined the local telephone switches are congested and voice messages are taking over an hour to connect.

NOTE: The core pillar of SmartPath is ensuring we attempt to send the message to every contact in your notification.

Unique Intelligent Delivery

There are two SmartPath features available today in the Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) Suite:
  1. Single SMS. For more information on Single SMS please see knowledge base article 000063163 - EBS: Everbridge SmartPath: Single SMS.
  2. SMS to Email Router. For more information on this feature please see knowledge base article 000063147 - EBS: Everbridge SmartPath: SMS to Email Router.

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