EBS: Caller ID Phone Number Registration in Everbridge Suite


Caller ID phone number registration in Everbridge Suite.


Understanding Spoofing, Block Listing, SPAM, and Registering

When a phone call is flagged as spam it is often because the recipient’s carrier believes that the phone number making the call (based on the caller ID) is being used to place unsolicited, fraudulent or unwanted calls. In such cases, the carrier will block list the phone number as a spammer.

Typically, Block Listing is carrier-specific; if one carrier has a phone number block listed, it does not mean that other carriers will necessarily do the same.

There are a number of reasons why the phone number being used for caller ID might be block listed by a phone carrier. It is possible that multiple recipients who received phone calls with the caller ID reported the calls as solicitation, fraud, or unwanted.

It could also be that someone with nefarious intentions used the phone number as their caller ID—a practice known as spoofing—to place unsolicited calls. Carriers may use multiple sources of data to determine if a phone number should be block listed; one of the most prominent factors in this is using subscriber reported data that calls coming from a particular caller ID are unwanted.

To remedy this, see Registering a Caller ID below.

Registering a Caller ID

If Your Caller ID is a Phone Number that you Leased Through your local Telephone Operator

Everbridge provides the ability for clients to bring their own phone number(s) to be used for caller ID for phone-based notifications. In such cases, you or someone in your organization, worked with a local telephone operator to lease the phone number which you are using as the caller ID for Everbridge calls. It is recommended that you register this phone number with all carriers in your country to reduce the possibility of calls being tagged as spam by these carriers.

In the US, the phone number registration process for all tier-1 carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) is facilitated through the Free Caller Registry website:


Please use this website to register any phone number that you use for caller ID.

You may also register your phone number with the US carriers directly for possible faster turn-around times. Carriers use 3rd party companies, known as analytics companies, for their spam detection, so all such registrations would be through these analytics companies.

If Your Caller ID is a Phone Number that Everbridge Provided for You

If you use our Premium Audio Bulletin Board or Smart Conference, then you may be using the telephone number that Everbridge provided you as part of these features for the caller ID of your notification phone calls.

For US phone numbers, Everbridge registers all client-dedicated phone numbers with all tier-1 carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) using the Free Caller Registry. Therefore, you do not need to register Everbridge-provided phone numbers.

Can Everbridge Register My Own Phone Numbers?

No. Many of the carriers or third party services who provide a means to register phone numbers, including the Free Caller Registry (https://www.freecallerregistry.com/) used by the tier-1 carriers in the US, ask questions which Everbridge would not know how to answer. For example, they may ask what local telephone carrier the phone number in question is leased through. Additionally, they may choose to further validate certain phone numbers being registered. For example, they may call the number in question to ensure it is a legitimate number, may want to speak to the organization who has leased that number, or may require additional information that only the individual or organization who has provisioned that number would be able to provide.

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