EBS: Best Practices for Working With Everbridge Technical Support


When the time comes that you need to reach out to support for assistance, it is good to understand how to best work with the support team to expedite the solutions we can provide given the general urgency surrounding our business. 

Understanding Options for Engaging Support

There are three ways to log a ticket with support. Each has its own benefits for expediting the help you can receive: 

  1. Support Center  - This is the best way to engage support.
    • Log cases - as you do, knowledge will dynamically appear below your issue statement as you type, that content may help solve your issue!
    • Search our Knowledge Base
    • Manage your existing cases 
    • Take part in our user Community 
    • Check on current Advisories and upcoming maintenance windows
    • Read our current Release Notes
    • Access our current documentation
  2. Phone - Phone Numbers for Support and Emergency Live Operator
    • Phone calls are answered by our Technical Support Engineers directly
    • For critical issues, please call support to expedite the assistance we can provide 
    • Emergency Live Operators are available to help you send notifications/messages in the event of an emergency only.
      • You will be expected to authenticate yourself by providing the answer to your security question
      • You must have the authority/privileges to send the notification you will be asking us to send on your behalf
      • A script is available which details the questions we will ask when you call this number
  3. Email -
    • support@everbridge.com 
    • An auto-reply will be generated immediately with a case number.  If you do not get an auto-reply immediately, check your sent email to ensure the email address was correct.  If so, please call support. 

For more information see the Everbridge Technical Support Services Guide.

Knowing the Information to Supply When Logging a Case

  • Account Name
  • Organization ID
  • If the issue is a delivery issue: 
    • Notification ID 
    • Contact involved in the unexpected behavior
    • Contacts delivery method involved in the unexpected behavior 
  • A statement providing Everbridge permission to access your system in order to troubleshoot your issue

Security Considerations:

  • If troubleshooting activities require access to your data that is hosted on Everbridge systems, Everbridge will request permission to view your data. Best practices are to provide this permission for each case, however, with written permission from Account Administrators, exceptions can be accommodated. Contact your Account Manager for details. 
  • Everbridge Technical Support will assist users/contacts with system access requests by guiding them through the use of "Forgot Username"/"Forgot Password" links.
    • If the "Forgot Username"/"Forgot Password" links fail to resolve the access request for the user/contact, they will be referred to Organization Administrators. 
    • Everbridge Technical Support will be available to assist Organization Administrators with access requests for their users/contacts that are not resolved with "Forgot Username"/"Forgot Password" links.
    • NOTE: For most Everbridge products, you own the data that is stored within our system. Everbridge is bound by security rules for compliance certifications and is unable to access anyone's system without their express permission.  Reaching out to your Administrator is required in all cases where you are unable to reset the password yourself.
  • Everbridge Technical Support will guide Everbridge Account Administrators through the process of creating user accounts but will not create the accounts for them. In the event there is no Everbridge Account Administrator, Technical Support will work with you and your Everbridge Account Manager (AM) to facilitate the creation of an Everbridge Account Administrator.
  • Everbridge Technical Support uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when accessing customer data. 

Understanding Support Roles and Responsibilities

For a better breakdown on what Support can help you address see: Everbridge Technical Support Roles and Responsibilities.

NOTE: Please note that in some instances, support may have to direct you to another team for assistance. 

Understanding Escalations:

If you find that you are not getting the service you expect from your case, you can escalate the case!  There are three ways to escalate a case:

  1. Call the Support number and request that your case be escalated.
  2. Send email to support@everbridge.com with the Subject: "Escalate Case <case  number>".
  3. From the Support Center, open your case and click the "Escalate" button, fill in the Escalation Details and click Submit.

When a case is escalated, an email is sent to the Everbridge Technical Support Management team and the Everbridge Escalation Management team.  A Manager / Escalation Manager will call you back within 1 hour to understand what your need is and work to ensure the right resources are on top of your case to get it resolved.  This team is also available 24x7x365.

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