VCC: RIMC Global Flashpoints or RIMC Situation Reports Do Not Generate Alerts or Notifications Even Though Visual Command Center Orchestration Rules Are Enabled With Subcategories



RIMC Global Flashpoints or RIMC Situation Reports do not generate Alerts or Notifications even though VCC Orchestration rules are enabled with subcategories.
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Root Cause:

At present, neither Global Flashpoints nor RIMC Situation Reports are mapped to any of the VCC
Orchestration subcategories.


Change the Category mapping from “Allow only the selected categories and subcategories” to “Allow all categories and subcategories”. Selecting “Allow all categories and subcategories” may cause you to receive too many Alerts and Notifications. As a best practice, limit the Alert radius or select RIMC Powered by NC4 as the source.

Note: RIMC Powered by NC4 has mappings to the Main Category and Subcategories available in VCC Orchestration.
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