EBS: Creating a Rule for Microsoft Outlook's Focused Inbox


How do I create a rule to deliver notifications to the Focused Inbox in Outlook?

How do I use the Focused Inbox in Outlook?



The Focused Inbox is only available for Office 365 accounts.

Activating the Focused Inbox for an Individual User

If your organization utilizes Outlook's Focused Inbox, notifications from Everbridge are not delivered there by default. However, you can set rules that move Everbridge messages to the Focused Inbox. Depending on the Outlook client you use, instructions on organizing the messages you want pushed to the Focused Inbox are linked below:

Activating the Focused Inbox for an Organization

In some cases, it may not be feasible to have individual users make the changes outlined above. In this scenario, your organization's IT department can activate the Focused Inbox with the article: Configure Focused Inbox for Everyone in Your Organization.

With the Focused Inbox active, rules can then be created utilizing Everbridge mail domains as conditions. This will automatically deliver all Everbridge notifications to the Focused Inbox.

Everbridge mail domains:

  • *.everbridge.eu
  • *.everbridge.com
  • *.everbridge.net
  • *.everbridgemail.com
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