EBS: How to Insert a Zoom Meeting Link Into an SMS Message in Incident Communications


How to Insert a Zoom Meeting Link into an SMS Message in Everbridge Suite Incident Communications.


Follow the video and/or written instructions below to learn how to Insert a Zoom Meeting Link into an SMS Message for use with Everbridge Suite Incident Communications.

Video Instructions:


Written Instructions:

  1. Log in to your organization from the Everbridge Manager Portal
  2. Edit the Incident Communications Template (Incidents > Templates > pencil icon to the left of the template name)
  3. By default, you are on Form & Message.
  4. Under Preview & Edit in the column to the right, select Outgoing Message
  5. Under TEXT:
  1. Check Use custom SMS message
  2. Optionally check Use custom Email/Everbridge Mobile App message
  1. Under SMS choose Add Web Page Message
  2. Add text in both text boxes (under TEXT and SMS)
  3. Create a variable with the zoom meeting hyperlink
  4. In the Web Page Message text box add the variable that contains the zoom meeting hyperlink
  5. Highlight the variable and click the three dots under Web Page Message to reveal the tool bar
  6. Select the link button option from the tool bar
  7. An Insert/Edit Link window appears
  1. Add the variable name under Text to display
  2. Add the URL of the meeting in the URL box by inserting http://<variable name>
  3. Save
  1. Reselect the link button in the tool bar
  2. In the URL field remove any encoding that was added to the variable name. For example, %20
  3. If you want to use the same link in an email, highlight the SMS text and copy to the email text box. The link will be automatically inserted
  4. Before you exit the template, scroll to the top and click the blue Save button in the top right corner
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