EBS: Updating Everbridge's New Single Sign-On (SSO) Certificate - FAQ

NOTE: Everbridge's single sign-on (SSO) certificate is expiring on October 17, 2023, 7:59 PM EST. If you are an Account Administrator and your users or contacts use SSO to access *.everbridge.net or *.everbridge.eu, please find answers to frequently asked questions below about updating the SSO certificate.


This article answers frequently asked questions about the steps an Everbridge Account Administrator and their Information Technology (IT) team should take to update Everbridge's new SSO certificate. You will need to work with your IT team to update the SSO certificate before October 17, 2023, 7:59 PM EST so that your users and/or contacts will be able to continue logging in to the Manager Portal, Member Portal, Visual Command Center (VCC), the Everbridge Mobile App, and the ManageBridge app via SSO.


When is the new SSO certificate available?

The new SSO certificate will be available on or before August 13, 2023, 9 PM PST / August 14, 2023, 4 AM UTC.

What do I need to have prepared to update my account's SSO certificate?

Before you begin updating your account's SSO certificate, please ensure that you have done all the following.

  1. Consult an IT specialist who is familiar with your IDP configuration.
  2. If you are able, prepare your own break-glass credentials for Everbridge Suite (a username and password that are independent of your SSO login).
  3. Communicate to all your users and contacts who use SSO that Everbridge will undergo downtime for maintenance in the time period you have decided to update your account's SSO certificate.

What is an SSO certificate?

Service providers (such as Everbridge) are required to offer SSO certificates so that IDPs (such as OneLogin, Microsoft Entra ID, Okta, etc.) can validate that their identity information is coming from a trusted source. These certificates may be included in security assertion mark-up language (SAML) metadata files, which are used to share key information with service providers.

How can I apply Everbridge's new SSO certificate in my Everbridge account?

Everbridge will provide a configuration workflow in your Everbridge Manager Portal account settings to apply the new SSO certificate. This will affect both users logging in to the Manager Portal, Visual Command Center (VCC), or the ManageBridge app and any contacts logging in to the Member Portal or the Everbridge Mobile App.

Do I need to upload Everbridge's SSO certificate to my IDP?

If your account uses SSO at all, please consult your IT team to determine whether your IDP configuration requires a certificate.

  1. If your IDP configuration does NOT require an SSO certificate from Everbridge, then you only need to apply the new certificate in your Everbridge Manager Portal. 
  2. If your IDP configuration DOES require an SSO certificate from Everbridge, then you need to first upload the new Everbridge SSO certificate to your IDP and subsequently apply the new certificate within the Everbridge Manager Portal.

Will users or contacts be able to log in via SSO during the certificate update process?

While you and your IT team are applying Everbridge's new SSO certificate, any users logging in to the Manager Portal, Visual Command Center (VCC), or the ManageBridge app and any contacts logging in to the Member Portal or the Everbridge Mobile App will be unable to log in via SSO. However, if they are already logged in, they will not be logged out.

Once the new SSO certificate is applied, users and contacts can resume logging in via SSO as normal.

For more information on the new Single Sign-On certificate, see knowledge base article 000063358 - EBS: Everbridge Single Sign-On (SSO) Certificate Update.

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