EBS: How to Test Your Internet Connection Speed to Ensure Online Access to Everbridge Suite


How to test your internet connection speed to ensure online access to Everbridge Suite.



If you determine that a weak Internet connection is preventing you from accessing Everbridge, you should notify your IT or internal technical team as soon as possible. Everbridge Support is not able to assist you with troubleshooting your Internet connection.

Oftentimes bad browser performance is the result of a slow or poor Internet connection. Slow performance can prevent you from accessing Everbridge Suite, or can cause your browser to freeze or load pages slowly. To test your Internet connection, navigate to http://www.speedtest.net and choose Begin Test. You should receive test results for your pingdownload speed, and upload speed.

  • Ping: measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer. A return of a few milliseconds (ms) is good.
  • Download Speed: the rate at which data is downloaded from the Internet to your device. A download speed of 10Mbps or under will cause problems in the application.
  • Upload Speed: the rate at which data is uploaded to the Internet from your device. An upload speed of 5Mbps or under will cause problems in the application.
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