EBS: What Are the Differences Between the Rebroadcast and Send Follow up Actions for Notifications in Everbridge Suite?


What are the differences between the rebroadcast and send follow up actions for notifications in Everbridge Suite?


The rebroadcast action will re-send the desired notification to only the contacts who have a confirmation status of Not Confirmed at the time the rebroadcast is initiated.

The send follow up action allows for a new notification to be created and sent to any desired contacts. The follow up notification will display the original notification information, which can be edited in part or entirely. When sending a follow up notification,contacts can be selected based upon their confirmation status, but will also have the option to add or remove additional contacts.

To send a rebroadcast or follow up notification, follow the steps listed below:
  1. Log in to the Manager Portal and select the desired organization from the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click the Notifications tab from the top of the page.
  3. From the Active/History sub-tab, select the Actions link for the desired notification.
  4. Select Rebroadcast or Send Follow Up.
    1. If sending a rebroadcast, click Rebroadcast Now.
    2. If sending a follow up, select the group or groups of contacts to send the follow up to, and then click Next to complete the follow up notification on the following page.
NOTE: The send follow-up option is available for Incident Notifications in the UI only. This feature is not available in the ManageBridge app for Incident Notifications.
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