EBS: When Logging Into the Everbridge Manager Portal With Single Sign-on (SSO) Credentials, a User Is Prompted to Reset Their Password


When logging into the Everbridge Manager Portal with Single Sign On credentials, a user is prompted to reset their password.

Root Cause:

This can happen if a User account has both SSO and break glass credentials and the break glass credentials have expired. Break glass credentials are credentials used to login in to manager.everbridge.net or manager.everbridge.eu if SSO is not available.


The break glass password for their manager.everbridge.net/manager.everbridge.eu account must be reset to resolve this issue.

Note: A User can have an expired break glass password and still log in via SSO.  However, if they try to log in with the expired break glass credentials and are prompted to create a new password, they must reset it or they will not be able to log in via SSO either.

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