EBS: How to Permit List Email From Everbridge Suite in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook


How to permit list Everbridge email within Microsoft Office 365 so that emails from Everbridge are not delayed or not delivered to Users and Contacts that use Microsoft Office 365 Outlook.


The best way to ensure that your critical communications reach your contacts is to use multiple delivery methods. Target the individual and not the device for intelligent, personalized message delivery. See these knowledge base articles for additional information: 

If you find that email notifications from Everbridge are not being delivered quickly (or at all) to Office 365 users, affected users should have their Office 365 admin report the issue to Microsoft directly via https://support.office.com/.

In addition to reporting the issue to Microsoft, it may be possible for Office 365 admins to permit list Everbridge. These are advanced steps that are typically performed by an organization's IT or network help desk team. Some documents with steps are available from Microsoft here:

The Everbridge email domains to permit list are documented in knowledge base article 000062441 - EBS: Everbridge Permit Listing Best Practices.


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