VCC: Dynamic Contact Locations Are Not Displayed on the Map After 24 Hours in Visual Command Center (VCC)


Dynamic Contact Locations are not displayed on the map after 24 hours in Visual Command Center (VCC).

Root Cause

Visual Command Center (VCC) will only display dynamic contact locations on the map for a 24-hour period. Dynamic locations are also referred to as a last known location. Dynamic contact locations are typically from a GPS device, that are uploaded manually, through SFTP or via the Everbridge API.

After 24 hours, dynamic contact locations are still alertable if there is a risk event. You can also search for a contact name in the search bar to display it visually on the map.

VCC Search Bar:

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If you want to display a dynamic contact on the VCC map for more than a 24-hour period, you will need to update the arrive date and time to current day, then upload the file via the Everbridge Manager Portal or SFTP every day*. This can also be done using the Everbridge API. 

*A use-case example might be an employee conference or event at an offsite location for a week. You want those employees to show up on the VCC map for the entire time they are attending the event. 


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