VCC: What Are the Differences between the Everbridge Suite and Visual Command Center (VCC) Traveler Contact Time Zones?


What are the differences between the Everbridge Suite and Visual Command Center (VCC) traveler Contact time zones?


In Everbridge Suite, on the Universe tab, the arrival date for a traveler is displayed in the UTC time zone. The example below is from a polygon created on the map with a Contact download.


In Everbridge Suite at the Contact level, the travel time range is displayed using whatever time zone the user has selected under My Account.

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In VCC, the time for a traveler's expected location is displayed based on the local machine time of the user.

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As a best practice, set the time in Everbridge Suite to your local time zone. To change your default time zone in Everbridge Suite, login to the Manager Portal and follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the person icon on the ribbon
  2. Click on My Account > My Profile
  3. Select your correct {time zone} > {password} > Save

Contact your local account administrator if you do not have permissions to change your default time zone.

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