VCC: An Error #413 Server Error Occurs When Combining Area Filters to Create a Polygon and Saving the View in Visual Command Center (VCC)



In Visual Command Center (VCC), when combining a number of active area filters in the VCC Admin Console, for example 8 to 15 counties to create a Polygon as in the below screenshot,

Area filters to save as a view

the following error occurs:

Server Error
A server error has occurred. Please try again later.
Error #413
Server Error

Root Cause:

There is a limit to the size of the polygon data that can be sent.  More complex polygons mean more data.  Once you exceed about 1MB of data, it will fail.  This is a known limitation. Overly complex spatial queries cannot be posted back because they exceed the data limit. This limitation will impact most any action, e.g. launching an ad-hoc incident, saving a view, creating a CM, etc.


Simplify the spatial query. The best approach may be to manually draw the area in close-enough form using the polygon tool.

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