Contact Tracing: Is There Deep Linking Capability Across the Two Mobile Applications For iOS: EVBG CT iOS and EVBG App iOS?


Apple iOS


For Proximity-based Contact Tracing on Apple iOS devices, two Mobile Apps are required:

  • Everbridge Mobile App (EVBG App iOS)
  • Everbridge Contact Tracer App for iOS (EVBG CT iOS)

Is there deep linking capability across these two Mobile Applications? That is, will clicking on one button in an app land you on the exact button in the second app?


No. That is being considered for a future release.

For more information on why two Mobile Apps are required for Proximity-based Contact Tracing on Apple iOS devices, please see Knowledge Base Article 000049466 - Contact Tracing: Why Is Everbridge Releasing a Separate Mobile App (EVBG CT iOS) For Proximity-Based Contact Tracing on iOS Devices?

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