Contact Tracing: When Are End-Users Prompted to Allow Bluetooth Permissions on Their Devices When Configuring Their Mobile App(s) For Contact Tracing?


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When are end-users prompted to allow Bluetooth Permissions on their devices when configuring their Mobile app(s) for Contact Tracing?


The end-user will be prompted to enable Bluetooth Permissions the first time they run the mobile app after Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has been enabled by the organization. In the case of Android users, this is the Everbridge Mobile app. In the case of iOS users, this is the Everbridge Contact Tracer App for iOS (EVBG CT iOS).

Organizations enable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in the Everbridge Manager Portal by going to Settings > Everbridge Mobile App > Application Options > Contact Tracing and checking the box next to Enable Mobile App Bluetooth Proximity Tracing.

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Note: There will be no automated notifications asking users to re-enable BLE if they have disabled it.

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