Mobile: 'Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again' When Attempting to Log into the ManageBridge App


The following error occurs when attempting to log in to the ManageBridge app:

Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again

Root Cause

Login issues with ManageBridge are often caused by a password being entered incorrectly, or the incorrect environment being selected. 


Usernames and passwords are case sensitive, and the mobile devices might auto-capitalize the first letter in either text entry field.

Touch ID can be enabled for ManageBridge on mobile devices, which uses a fingerprint to log users in to the app. For steps on enabling Touch ID, see knowledge base article MobileHelp: How to Enable Touch ID for the ManageBridge App on a Mobile Device.

Ensure the correct environment has been selected when logging in to ManageBridge app.

For .Net accounts, ensure to select, while for .EU accounts, make sure to choose upon logging in.


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