Contact Tracing: How Does an Employee or a Student Connect to the Everbridge Mobile Application in Order to Use the Contract Tracing Solution on Both iOS and Android?


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How does an employee or a student connect to the Everbridge Mobile App in order to use the Contract Tracing solution on both iOS and Android?


An Everbridge Mobile App user consents to the Everbridge Privacy Notice once the app has been downloaded and the user attempts to log in. The Everbridge Mobile App will subsequently request access to three additional Mobile Services depending on which Everbridge features you are leveraging:

  • Location Services: Requested to allow for location-based Safety features. It is also used to improve proximity accuracy.
  • Push Notifications: Requested to allow the app to send timely notifications to end-users via the Everbridge Mobile App.
  • Bluetooth: Requested to allow for anonymous proximity-based key exchange to support Contact Tracing efforts.

The app-level permissions listed above can be disabled at any time by end-users although by doing so, key functionality of the Everbridge Mobile App will be disabled.

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