Contact Tracing: Once an Exposure Event Has Been Initiated When a Self-Reporter Comes Into Bluetooth Proximity to a Non-infected End-User, How Often Are Exposure Notifications Generated?


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Once an Exposure Event has been initiated when a Self-Reporter comes into Bluetooth proximity to a non-infected end-user, how often are exposure notifications generated?


If configured, the frequency of exposure notification generation is:

  • Past exposure: 2-8 hours
  • Current/Future exposure: 24 hours

The frequency of exposure notification generation is determined by the following configuration settings:

  • If the Administrator has configured Contract Tracing Settings
  • If Bluetooth is enabled on the mobile device
  • If the Everbridge Mobile App users have enabled push notifications on their devices to receive alerts

Note: Apple iOS device users require both the Everbridge Contact Tracer App for iOS (EVBT CT iOS) and the Everbridge App for iOS (EVBG App iOS) to receive exposure notifications. For more information, please see Knowledge Base Article 000049466 - Contact Tracing: Why Is Everbridge Releasing a Separate Mobile App (EVBG CT iOS) For Proximity-Based Contact Tracing on iOS Devices?

Contract Tracing Settings:

To generate exposure notifications, the Administrator needs to set the following Contact Tracing Settings. In the Everbridge Manager Portal, go to Settings > Everbridge Mobile App > Application Options > Contact Tracing and toggle on:

  • Enable Mobile App Bluetooth Proximity Tracing
  • Enable app to notify mobile users after Exposure Events
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Bluetooth Settings:

Mobile users need to enable Bluetooth on their mobile device.

Push Notifications:

Mobile users need to enable push notifications on their mobile device.

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