Contact Tracing: What Is the Expected Battery Drain From the Everbridge Contact Tracing Mobile Apps When Bluetooth Low Energy (Ble) Is Running in the Background?


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What is the expected battery drain from the Everbridge Contact Tracing Mobile Apps when Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is running in the background?


Based on our extensive tests, Everbridge Contact Tracer functionality on both iOS and Android devices resulted between 3% to 5% battery usage per day. However, for the EVBG iOS Contact Tracer Mobile App specifically that runs on Apple iOS devices, if Enhanced Contact Proximity Tracing is enabled (BLE), the app may use an average of 40% battery in an eight-hour period. This is because Proximity-based Contact Tracing relies on device location services to remain active. Battery consumption may be more or less than 40% over an eight hour period depending on the device type, Operating System (OS) version, and battery health. This is consistent with battery performance associated with Apple's own Exposure Notification functionality.

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